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Opinion Outpost treats its members to generous doses of monetary rewards in the form of cash and prizes for a wide array of daily activities on their computer, smartphone and tablet. This unbiased Opinion Outpost review will guide you through the various options of earning real cash and impressive prizes. To cash out, you need to have minimum $30, but if you want the club to waive the standard $3 processing fee, you should advisedly choose to cash out at $40.

Completing Online Surveys For Cash, not Points
In recent years, taking surveys online has become a very popular way to make a quick and honest buck and for some, it has even turned into a regular source of income. With Opinion Outpost, you can start taking surveys for real cash instead of points. You can complete as many surveys as you want for more dollars, but note that you may not qualify for all the surveys available. However, you will have access to surveys matched for you ( based on the info you provide when you sign up).

To start taking surveys, you need to go to the ” Surveys” tab where you will find your notification dashboard with all the online surveys you qualify for, depending on the answers given when you signed up. Each of these surveys provides you beforehand with specific details such as completion time, topic and the amount of cash you can earn. The latter varies, depending on the survey you choose to complete.

All Your Earned Cash at Your Fingertips – Tried and True: Opinion Outpost Really Pays
As above mentioned, this reputable online rewards club is trusted by lots of members for a solid reason – it pays indeed. As of this Opinion Outpost review, you need to have minimum $30 in your account to request payment. You can do so by clicking ” My account” and then selecting ” Request payment”.

Be sure to update/check your mailing address so that your payment is mailed to the correct location. Next, you need to select your preferred payment option – either a traditional cheque from InboxDollars with its logo, that you can easily cash or deposit into your bank account, or ePayments, which include Merchant eCards( that can be redeemed in-store or online), Prepaid Visa and Donations.